Sadie's Nursery

This is our nursery, all set up and ready for the arrival of our sweet baby girl! We got this crib and bedding from a sweet woman in our Stake, and it is in perfect condition! We feel so grateful to her for thinking of us and helping us out! Babies are expensive so not having to buy a crib helped a lot! Having it all set up is making me super excited to have our little Sadie join our family! Now hopefully we don't go to the hospital and come home with a boy... or he will have to learn to love pink! :)

This is me at about 34 weeks. I thought I was big in our Christmas picture that I posted but I realize that I was hardly even showing then. Now I feel pregnant! A couple weeks has passed since Eric took this so I feel even bigger now! And I am sure this is not the end of my growing! It will be nice to finally have my sweet little baby here and to have my body back...or at least somewhat back to normal!

Our Wedding