9 Months

I can't even believe that our sweet little Hannah is 9 months old today! Where did the time go? She is the absolute sweetest little thing in the world! She is the best baby and is always in good spirits, except for when she's not and then she lets us know it! We are so in love with this little girl and can't wait to see her personality develop even more! We love you Hannah! You are the best!

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Happy 4th!

We had a nice 4th of July this year! It started at 8 in the morning when we went to our ward Breakfast. Then we just played and relaxed all day until it was time to go to Eric sister Michelle's house for dinner. We had a blast playing and visiting with family! Then we went to the annual Cul-de-sac of fire over by my parents home for some fun and entertainment and to connect with old friends we haven't seen in a while! When it got dark we went back to Michelle's for some amazing fireworks! It is so fun to have the fireworks that shoot into the sky be legal this year! People were shooting them off all around us, it was quite the show!

This is a picture I require my family to take every 4th! I am pretty sure Eric has worn the same shirt 4 years in a row! I may have had a repeat too!:)

These 3 little were so cute playing together! It is so fun to have lots of cousins!

Sadie, Stella and Anna

Hannah is such a happy baby! I thought this picture was cute!

Hope all of you had a fantastic 4th like we did!

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Swimming Lessons

Sadie started swimming lessons today. She has been so excited! I have to admit I got a little emotional when I saw here walking into the pool with her teacher like such a big girl! She did really well until about the last 5 minutes when she started crying for me. When class finally ended she came to me crying and her teacher said she was complaining about being cold. It was a little overcast this morning, so hopefully it will be warmer for the rest of her lessons, and hopefully she won't put up a fight when it is time to go to lessons tomorrow!

Waiting to get in the pool

working on kicking

more kicks

that little boy she is holding seems like kind of a handful, and I think he might be the real reason Sadie was crying! Hopefully he won't take away from the lessons.

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Sadie is 3!

Our sweet little Sadie is 3! I really can't believe it! She is growing up way too fast. We had a fun family party on the Sunday before her birthday, and she was very spoiled with lots of fun gifts from her family! She was is heaven with all her fun new toys! She has been talking about what kind of cake she wanted for months, and every day it changed. So we finally she decided she wanted to have a castle cake with all the princesses on it. I have to say I am quite proud of how it turned out! We love you Sadie, and can't wait to see what new things you will learn and discover in the year to come!

Sadie and her new Rapunzel doll, standing by her cake

The masterpiece! Not bad for my first attempt!

Opening presents! Sadie had lots of helpers!

Sadie and Boston going to the movie Rio on her actual Birthday!

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Living Planet Aquarium

I recently was lucky enough to get a great deal on passes to the aquarium! We went up there a couple of weeks ago with Rachael, Boston and Peyton. Sadie had a blast! I am excited to go more through the next year!

The sting rays. Sadie thought it was pretty fun to try to touch them, although she never really did, but she did get nice a wet!

Looking at the fish

Sweet Hannah just enjoying the ride!

Sadie and Boston on the frog. Boston is holding on for dear life.

Hannah 6 months

Our sweet Hannah is growing up so fast! She is such a good baby and has such a sweet little spirit about her. She is getting good at grabbing everything in sight and putting it in her mouth, rolling over, scooting around on her back, and she is getting really close to sitting up on her own! She loves her new solid foods, she loves her mommy and daddy, and she looooovees her sister Sadie. No one can get her laughing quite like Sadie. We love this little girl so much, and can't wait to see her little personality develop! I LOVE how these pictures turned out! Thanks to my sister in law Jeselyn for taking them!

Sweet Little Girls

I have the hardest time remembering to take pictures, but I did take a couple lately that are post worthy! I just love my two little girls! Sadie is getting to be such a big girl and has recently entered the world of potty training. She is actually doing really well! She is also getting so witty and smart. She makes us laugh every day! Hannah has the sweetest personality and can brighten your mood in an instant! She loves Sadie and Sadie loves her back. It is so fun to see how much they love each other! We feel pretty blessed to have these sweet little girls in our lives! They are a lot of work, but very worth it! Here are just a few pictures of our cuties!

Daddy with his girls! He loves his little princesses!

Sadie and Hannah laying in Hannah's crib. We just switched her to the crib, her bassinet was getting too tight! She is still trying to adjust to such a big bed, but I think she likes having the extra room. Sadie loves climbing in with her, and everytime she hears her crying she runs up to her room and wants to get in bed with her!

Sweet Hannah happy in her new bed!

Yes my 4 month old has 2 teeth! Crazy! Sadie didn't get her first tooth till she was 7 1/2 months so this is early to us!

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Thanks for your response!

Okay I am glad to know that there are still some of you out there! I will make sure to post more often and I guess that starts with remembering to take pictures more often! :) As you can see I just posted a ton of pictures from Christmas time! So enjoy, and remember to update your blog as well because I love seeing what is going on in all of your lives!

Fun with Cousins

We had fun playing as a family while Jason and Katie and their kids were in town. Her are some pictures of the fun we had!

Watching shows in Jojo and Papa's bed
Nash, Boston, Sadie, Halle, Gray

Hannah and Peyton in their matching pjs

The baby girls with baby Jude

Nash, Sadie and Boston

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The girls getting pedicures. Sadie got to get her toe nails painted this time and was so excited!

funn in Jojo and Papa's bath

The three babies

drying off

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Christmas with the Sundbergs

This year we had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning on the 26th and 27th with the Sundberg side because Jason and Katie didn't arrive until Christmas day. It was fun to do "Christmas Eve" with my family, since we usually miss it.

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Christmas with the Peerys

Every Christmas Eve we get together with the Peery side and have a fun party. The kids get so excited for their stockings adn Pjs from Grandma and Grandpa.

Lisa doing a little program for the kids

Sadie looking through her stocking

Daddy showing off Hannah in her new pjs

Two cute girls!

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