Sadie Sings

Sadie has been singing a lot lately so we decided to catch it on film. She usually even does actions, but the camera is a little distracting. I swear if you listen carefully you can hear twinkle, twinkle little star. PS don't mind the hair it did look cute before she ripped her pony out. Story of my life! :)

Halloween 2009

Sadie loved Halloween this year! She thought it was great that every where she turned people were handing her candy! We didn't actually go door to door trick or treating, but we went to 3 truck or treats (our ward, my parents ward, and Eric's parents ward). Sadie got lots of candy! As always I wasn't good at getting very many pictures but here are a few!

It's tradition every Halloween to go to Papa's work to go trick or treating through the office.
Here's Papa with Halle, Gray and Sadie in his office

Gray as Jack Sparrow

Daddy and Sadie getting ready for the trunk or treat

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