Sadie is 3!

Our sweet little Sadie is 3! I really can't believe it! She is growing up way too fast. We had a fun family party on the Sunday before her birthday, and she was very spoiled with lots of fun gifts from her family! She was is heaven with all her fun new toys! She has been talking about what kind of cake she wanted for months, and every day it changed. So we finally she decided she wanted to have a castle cake with all the princesses on it. I have to say I am quite proud of how it turned out! We love you Sadie, and can't wait to see what new things you will learn and discover in the year to come!

Sadie and her new Rapunzel doll, standing by her cake

The masterpiece! Not bad for my first attempt!

Opening presents! Sadie had lots of helpers!

Sadie and Boston going to the movie Rio on her actual Birthday!

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Living Planet Aquarium

I recently was lucky enough to get a great deal on passes to the aquarium! We went up there a couple of weeks ago with Rachael, Boston and Peyton. Sadie had a blast! I am excited to go more through the next year!

The sting rays. Sadie thought it was pretty fun to try to touch them, although she never really did, but she did get nice a wet!

Looking at the fish

Sweet Hannah just enjoying the ride!

Sadie and Boston on the frog. Boston is holding on for dear life.

Hannah 6 months

Our sweet Hannah is growing up so fast! She is such a good baby and has such a sweet little spirit about her. She is getting good at grabbing everything in sight and putting it in her mouth, rolling over, scooting around on her back, and she is getting really close to sitting up on her own! She loves her new solid foods, she loves her mommy and daddy, and she looooovees her sister Sadie. No one can get her laughing quite like Sadie. We love this little girl so much, and can't wait to see her little personality develop! I LOVE how these pictures turned out! Thanks to my sister in law Jeselyn for taking them!