Just for Fun!

I can't believe the Summer is on its way out! It has been a fun summer with Sadie this year. She is growing up so fast! We have had lots of fun playing with cousins, swimming lessons, Season passes to Seven peaks, going to lunch, playing at the park, working on our House/ yard, trip to Park City, runs to Daddy's store for carbonated frozen yogurt and lots of other fun things! But just because Summer is coming to an end doesn't mean we're slowing down. This is my favorite time of year when the weather becomes a little cooler and all of the fun Holiday decorations start showing up in the stores. We're looking forward to all the fun things ahead! Here are just a few fun and cute pictures of my baby, who is looking more and more like a little girl everyday!

Sadie just looking cute!

I love that her hair is growing so we can do fun things like pig tails!

Sadie and Anna both with pig tails (Sadie's are hidden in the back) Sadie is flashing some sort of sign to the camera :)

Sadie at the Owls game. She was cheering so loud saying "Wha Hoo" and clapping. So cute!

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Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo

Sadie has been way into animals lately. She loves to tell us what all the different animals say. So we thought it would be fun to see some real animals! Sadie loved the animals, and she was even brave enough to ride the pony! It was a fun day with Mommy and Daddy!

Sadie and Daddy looking at the pigs

Sadie riding the little pony

Mommy and Sadie

Daddy and Sadie

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