New Years Day Sleding

On New Years day we decided to take Sadie sleding for her first time this year. She absolutely loved it and it was fun to get out and do something as a family. The hill we went on was pretty small, but we were just testing the waters, I think next time Sadie will be ready for something slightly bigger.

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New Years Eve Bowling

New years eve we went some friends and family to Fat Cats for a fun night of bowling. We ate at Costa Vida and then played a couple of games of bowling. Then we went back to our house and played some games and ate some treats. It was a fun night!

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Just Some Cute Pictures

I was getting ready for the day and I hear "Maaaammmaaaa!" yelled from the other room. I go to see what Sadie is getting into and find her like this, totally stuck in her doll's crib. She thought it was pretty funny!

Cute tutu from costco

Halle and Sadie are twinners

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Merry Christmas

Merry(late) Christmas! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays. We had a great Christmas with family this year! We spent Christmas eve with Eric's family and Christmas morning with my family. It was fun to see Sadie's joy as she opened up her presents and enjoyed time with family. Here are some pictures that we took from our many family gatherings

Sadie looking at what Santa left her in her stocking

Mommy covering Sadie's eyes while her present is being brought out

Her new rocking chair

She loves that chair!

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Sadie loved the cute doll her cousin Savannah gave her

Sadie Christmas morning

Opening presents

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Sadie sitting on Santa's Lap, I was shocked that she didn't cry!

The whole family with Santa

Sadie checking out her stocking from Grandma and Grandpa Peery

Giving loves for all of her fun gifts

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