Caribbean Cruise

November just flew by and I realized I haven't posted anything in quite a while! We had a fun month celebrating Thanksgiving, and getting ready for Christmas, and going on a cruise. We left Sadie with my parents and went on a 5 day cruise with our friends Slade and Maeris. It was so nice to get away for a while! But we were definitely ready to get back to Sadie. We were worried she would miss us too much, but she was totally fine. When asked "Sadie where is Mommy and Daddy?" She would simply reply "Mommy bye bye, Daddy bye bye!" It was probably harder on us then it was on her! We went to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. I wasn't that impressed with Jamaica, mostly just a lot of people offering me marijuana and trying to get me to give them my money. Grand Cayman on the other hand was very nice and we had a fun time swimming with the stingrays and snorkeling! We also had a fun time just cruising on the water, and we were very excited when we got an upgrade on our room. Instead of a little porthole, we got a really nice balcony! It was our favorite place to just sit and relax! Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Eric and I getting ready to snorkel

Eric reading on our upgraded balcony!

Jamaica Beach

Slade, Maeris, Eric and Krista on a tour of Jamaica

Gala Night on our cruise

Sadie Sings

Sadie has been singing a lot lately so we decided to catch it on film. She usually even does actions, but the camera is a little distracting. I swear if you listen carefully you can hear twinkle, twinkle little star. PS don't mind the hair it did look cute before she ripped her pony out. Story of my life! :)

Halloween 2009

Sadie loved Halloween this year! She thought it was great that every where she turned people were handing her candy! We didn't actually go door to door trick or treating, but we went to 3 truck or treats (our ward, my parents ward, and Eric's parents ward). Sadie got lots of candy! As always I wasn't good at getting very many pictures but here are a few!

It's tradition every Halloween to go to Papa's work to go trick or treating through the office.
Here's Papa with Halle, Gray and Sadie in his office

Gray as Jack Sparrow

Daddy and Sadie getting ready for the trunk or treat

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Annual Halloween Party

Every year Eric's Grandpa and Grandma Purdy throw a super fun Halloween party. We always have yummy food, fun games and lots and lots of treats! Grandma Deanne is so fun and she always has the best Halloween costume, this year she even got Grandpa to dress up! They were Vampires this year and their costumes were awesome! Sadie was a little nervous though. Here are some pictures from the night.

Grandpa and Deanne giving out candy in their Vampire costumes. You can't see Sadie's face but she is crying. She would not sit on her lap to get her candy, that was as close as she would get.

Eric working hard on carving pumkins

One of Eric's masterpieces

Sadie eating an apple from the apple game. She is saying "CHEESE" in this picture, her first time ever!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! It was a blast as usual!

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Fun Times in October

Sadie at the Pumpkin patch

Checking out the pumpkins

Rachael and Boston at their neighborhood Halloween party

My little pumpkin and I (Rachael invited us to come to their neighborhood Halloween party)

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Vivian Park

Hearing that the weather is going to change soon, prompted us to have a family outing up the canyon. The leaves are beautiful up there right now, and the cousins had so much fun playing together! Here are some cute pictures we took by the train traks that run by the park

Halle, Sadie, Nash, Boston, and Gray

This one is so sweet

The three 1 year olds walking up and down the tracks

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Playing up the Canyon

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Throwing Rocks in the River

Sadie and Nash throwing rockis in the river. Sadie really just wanted to throw herself in the river! She loves the water!:) I am across the river filming so all you can hear is the river.

Lagoon 2009

Sadie and Daddy on the Merry-go-round

Halle and Sadie riding on the boats

Getting ready to go

Halle and Sadie on the Rockets (Sadie started crying half way through, it was a little too scary for her.)

Yesterday we went to Lagoon. It is a tradition in my family to go every summer. Sadie was not feeling too well unfrotunately, but she did get to go on a few rides and had a pretty good time! It will be fun when she is a little older and can really enjoy all the rides!

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Riding the Baby Boats

Here are Boston, Nash, Sadie, Halle and Gray riding the Baby Boats at Lagoon

The Baby Boats

The kids had lots of fun on the kiddie rides, but this was probably Sadie's favorite ride of all! She loved ringing the bell!

Just for Fun!

I can't believe the Summer is on its way out! It has been a fun summer with Sadie this year. She is growing up so fast! We have had lots of fun playing with cousins, swimming lessons, Season passes to Seven peaks, going to lunch, playing at the park, working on our House/ yard, trip to Park City, runs to Daddy's store for carbonated frozen yogurt and lots of other fun things! But just because Summer is coming to an end doesn't mean we're slowing down. This is my favorite time of year when the weather becomes a little cooler and all of the fun Holiday decorations start showing up in the stores. We're looking forward to all the fun things ahead! Here are just a few fun and cute pictures of my baby, who is looking more and more like a little girl everyday!

Sadie just looking cute!

I love that her hair is growing so we can do fun things like pig tails!

Sadie and Anna both with pig tails (Sadie's are hidden in the back) Sadie is flashing some sort of sign to the camera :)

Sadie at the Owls game. She was cheering so loud saying "Wha Hoo" and clapping. So cute!

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Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo

Sadie has been way into animals lately. She loves to tell us what all the different animals say. So we thought it would be fun to see some real animals! Sadie loved the animals, and she was even brave enough to ride the pony! It was a fun day with Mommy and Daddy!

Sadie and Daddy looking at the pigs

Sadie riding the little pony

Mommy and Sadie

Daddy and Sadie

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Happy Pioneer Day!

We had a fun Pioneer day celebrating with friends and family. First our friends from California were in town so we were able to spend some time with them. It was so fun to see them! Then while we were working in the yard we snapped some cute shots of Sadie and the neighbor dog. Then we finished off the night with fireworks at Eric's sister's house!

Sadie and Kiera reunited, both were just babies the last time we were together

The Nakamoto girls and Sadie

Sadie and Jiggs

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Sadie loves this dog! What a good dog to just sit there and let her do whatever she pleased!

Sadie and the neighbors dog. She begs to go over everyday to see him, usually she doesn't dare get this close but she was extra brave this time!

Lots of hugs for Jiggs

Grandpa and Sadie enjoying the fireworks

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