Thanks for your response!

Okay I am glad to know that there are still some of you out there! I will make sure to post more often and I guess that starts with remembering to take pictures more often! :) As you can see I just posted a ton of pictures from Christmas time! So enjoy, and remember to update your blog as well because I love seeing what is going on in all of your lives!

Fun with Cousins

We had fun playing as a family while Jason and Katie and their kids were in town. Her are some pictures of the fun we had!

Watching shows in Jojo and Papa's bed
Nash, Boston, Sadie, Halle, Gray

Hannah and Peyton in their matching pjs

The baby girls with baby Jude

Nash, Sadie and Boston

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The girls getting pedicures. Sadie got to get her toe nails painted this time and was so excited!

funn in Jojo and Papa's bath

The three babies

drying off

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Christmas with the Sundbergs

This year we had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning on the 26th and 27th with the Sundberg side because Jason and Katie didn't arrive until Christmas day. It was fun to do "Christmas Eve" with my family, since we usually miss it.

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Christmas with the Peerys

Every Christmas Eve we get together with the Peery side and have a fun party. The kids get so excited for their stockings adn Pjs from Grandma and Grandpa.

Lisa doing a little program for the kids

Sadie looking through her stocking

Daddy showing off Hannah in her new pjs

Two cute girls!

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Meeting New Cousins, Temple Square lights, and Sweet Smiles

Here is some random catch up. My cousin Shelley, who happeneds to be one of my closests friends, had her twins 6 days after Hannah was born! It was so fun to see her and Deven and their sweet little babies over the holidays! We of course had to take a picture of the three babies. We also went up to temple square around Christmas time with some of Eric's family to see the lights. It was fun but VERY crowded! And then I had to add a cute picture of Sweet little Hannah smiling at her Daddy! This is back when she just started smiling. Now she's a pro!

Kasen, Hannah and Remy

Sadie, Stella, Aydelyn and Savanah

Eric and Sadie

Sweet Hannah

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Sadie's first Snowman!

This was taken back at the first of December or so, but this is Sadie's first snowman! This was many days after one of the bigger snows, but as you can see the snow was almost gone. We finally got out just before the snow was melted, which is why our snowman is kind of small. Sadie thought it was great so I guess that is all that matters! We have since made a few more, her favorite of which was the one she got to build with daddy. It was decked out with a hat and scarf and everything!

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Is anyone out there?

I have been wondering lately if anyone is still interested in reading or looking at my blog. I know I need to be better about updating regularly but I think I would be more motivated to do so if I knew that people wanted them! If our friends and family want to see more, leave a post! Thanks!

Hannah's Blessing Day

Our Sweet little girl was blessed on Sunday! Eric did a great job and gave her a beautiful blessing! She looked so sweet! We had such great support from friends and family, we took up three benches at church! Sorry to all my ward memebers who had to sit clear in the back. I feel so blessed to be the mother of this sweet little girl! She brings so much joy to our family!

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