Vivian Park

Hearing that the weather is going to change soon, prompted us to have a family outing up the canyon. The leaves are beautiful up there right now, and the cousins had so much fun playing together! Here are some cute pictures we took by the train traks that run by the park

Halle, Sadie, Nash, Boston, and Gray

This one is so sweet

The three 1 year olds walking up and down the tracks

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Playing up the Canyon

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Throwing Rocks in the River

Sadie and Nash throwing rockis in the river. Sadie really just wanted to throw herself in the river! She loves the water!:) I am across the river filming so all you can hear is the river.

Lagoon 2009

Sadie and Daddy on the Merry-go-round

Halle and Sadie riding on the boats

Getting ready to go

Halle and Sadie on the Rockets (Sadie started crying half way through, it was a little too scary for her.)

Yesterday we went to Lagoon. It is a tradition in my family to go every summer. Sadie was not feeling too well unfrotunately, but she did get to go on a few rides and had a pretty good time! It will be fun when she is a little older and can really enjoy all the rides!

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Riding the Baby Boats

Here are Boston, Nash, Sadie, Halle and Gray riding the Baby Boats at Lagoon

The Baby Boats

The kids had lots of fun on the kiddie rides, but this was probably Sadie's favorite ride of all! She loved ringing the bell!