Peery Family Getaway

Last weekend Eric's whole family went up to our sister-in-law Jeselyn's family's cabin up near Kamas. It was such a nice, relaxing weekend and it was fun to have everyone together! I am horrible at taking pictures but I was able to snap a few. Here they are!

This swing was a big hit! The kids were constantly playing on it, and begging to go higher. It is pretty cool, it is an old ski lift swinging on a chain between two trees.

Sadie and Daddy playing outside. Sadie loved having her dad around constantly, and loved being outside.

Sadie putting her feet in the river. She loved throwing rocks in the river!

We often found Sadie playing in these rocks. One moring when she was out on a walk she fell in the rocks and hurt her knee. Her aunt Jeselyn helped her find a "magic" rock and they rubbed it on her knee to make it all better. She was obsessed with the "magic" rocks the entire trip after that and kept giving them to people so they could fix their boo boos. So cute!
We also took family pictures while we were up there since to whole family was together. That is why Sadie is looking way too cute in this picture to be camping. I can't wait to see them! Jeselyn is an awesome photographer so I am sure there are some great ones.

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Summer 2010

So I know it has been months since I posted anything and I am sure that the few people who were following our blog have completely given up on us. But just in case there are a few faithful followers out there here is a long post to catch you up on our Summer fun. I thought I better do this before the baby is born or else it would never get done! We had a lot of fun this summer and I can't believe it is already coming to an end! But I can't say I am too sad because that just makes us that much closer to welcoming our new little one to the world. Here are just a few of the highlights of our summer, and also the events I actually took pictures of. I was extra bad at remembering pictures this summer! Sadie is growing up so fast and talking so much! It is so fun to see her little personality take shape and I can't wait to see how she will be with a new little sister! She loves babies and I am sure she will be a lot of help, maybe too much help! I am sure pictures of the new baby will be our next post, unless I really feel motivated, so look out for that in the next 5 weeks!

Martin's Cove Trek
Our ward went on a trek this summer to Martin's Cove. It was a great experience for our family and our eyes were open just a little to what it was like for the pioneers. I was 6 months pregnant and we had a two year old and by the end we were tired! But we realize that it was nothing to what they went through! We feel truly blessed for the sacrifice of all the pioneers and what they went through so the could live the gosple. What a great experience!

Our little pioneer

sleeping on daddy

Our little pioneer family

A dirty but cute little Sadie

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Sadie with her cousins Molly, Lilly, and Boston wait for their first ride

Sadie and Boston

Waiting in line

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Swiming with Boston

Sadie and Boston love each other so much and are so cute together!

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We went to the petting zoo

Sadie looking at the cows and horses

Halle, Sadie, and Boston holding hands

Riding the pony

cute Sadie at the farm

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We went to the zoo!

Sadie on the merry-go-round

taking a drink from the Lion's mouth

Checking out the monkey

Looking at the animals

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