The 4th through the years

Happy 4th of July!! We had a fun time celebrating here in Michigan. We started the day going to the Beach with some friends (I will post pictures soon). We went to this nice lake just 45 mins from us. The girls could have stayed there all day!! It was so much fun! We came home and rested and showered and then had our friends come over for dinner. We got a couple of buckets of KFC chicken and it was so yummy! Then the plan was to go see the fireworks, but they were cancelled because of the rain. (Sorry Utah, I wish I could send the rain to you!) Although we were sad the fireworks were cancelled, it was nice to just come home and go to bed, we were tired! Hope you all had a great holiday!
 Every 4th of July since we have been married, I have "encouraged" Eric to dress up in festive colors and take a picture with me! Our first one isn't on here because I only have a printed copy of it and it is in Utah, but here is every year since! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at how we've changed, and how our clothes stay the same! Maybe I should get a few different red shirts that I can rotate through! These span from 2008-2012


Jenni said...

So cute! I love how first Sadie is wearing that dress, then Hannah is! What a darling idea!

Shantell said...

What an awesome tradition. It's so fun to see your little family grow. It's crazy how much kids change from year to year. They are getting so big!