The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village

We got passes to the Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village for the summer! We live like two minutes away and go there about once a week. Greenfield has a train and a carousel that we have to hit every time we go. They also have a Model T ride and a horse drawn carriage you can ride. It is a cute little village that Henry Ford created when he found out his childhood home was going to be knocked down. He decided to buy it and move it here, then decided to buy several other homes around the country and create a little Village. They have the Wright Brothers home and bicycle shop, Thomas Edison's home and workshop where he created the light bulb, and the Heinz family home, to name a few! The village is huge, and even now, I have yet to see it all. Of course, we mostly just head straight for the carousel. 
Then there is The Henry Ford, which is amazing! It is huge! They have everything you can think of there. They have a huge sections of cars from every decade, they have a train section, a farming section, a home furnishing through the years section, an airplane section, like I said they have everything! We have loved coming here, and will miss it when we are gone! Here are some of the pictures, from many trips there.
Model T ride, I think it is funny that Sadie wanted to sit up front next to a strange man, she is usually so shy around strangers.
 Buddies, Naomi and Sadie

 More Friends

 Riding the train
 I think we have been on the is Carousel at least 20 times. Here we are with our good friends Jenni and Scarlett Glauser. We love them!

 This is a cute little house they have at the museum. The girls love playing in this house whenever we go
 I think this is a corn harvester or something like that. They let you get in there and sit in the drivers seat.
 Sadie got to help put together a Model T. They take it apart and build it again every day. In the picture below Sadie is connecting the spark plugs.

 Watching a movie with our friends Anna and Luke. This is a theater like one you would have found when theaters first began. It was a silent movie and they would show how the film would split and they would have to fix it in the middle of the movie. They would have someone ready to jump on the piano to entertain the audience while they waited. We have come a LONG way!
 Naomi and Sadie sitting in the back of an old car

 Over by the trains they have a bunch of train tables for kids to play with. This has been our favorite place lately. The kids play while I sit and relax on the bench....perfect!

 This carousel is almost 100 years old and all of the animals are original. They have a few animals that are worth lots of money, because they are so rare. This one is unique for the time period because it has lots of different animals to choose from, not just horses.
 In front of a court house where Abraham Lincoln used to work
 The wiener mobile
 Hannah the hot dog
 Rosa Park's Bus. This is the same seat she was sitting in
 Cute Hannah sitting in an old airplane
 More trains
Daddy and Hannah about to take flight! Or just pretending to
Hannah makes the funniest faces. I was so glad I caught this one!
This is only a fraction of all the pictures we have taken at these places! It has been so fun to be able to see such amazing history whenever we want! We will definitely miss it!


Brett said...

How cool! Looks like lots of fun. Glad it's so close!

Shelley said...

Fun summer! Welcome back to the www....and your kids look way to big!