Blogging Again/ Drive to Michigan

So I have been out of the blogging world for some time now. I have just felt too overwhelmed with how behind I got, and a little "over" the whole blogging experience. Now that we are far from family I have decided to try it again. I am not going to try to play catch up, but just start fresh. We'll see how this goes!

We are now in Dearborn, Michigan while Eric does a summer internship for Ford. We have been here just a few days but we are enjoying it so far. We took 5 and 1/2 days to drive here stopping by in St. Louis at the Rahm's (Eric's Aunt and Uncle's) for a couple of days. It was a pretty smooth trip and the girls did pretty good, considering. Thank goodness for DVD players and Elmo! Hannah had a few melt downs because her sleep schedule was shot. We had to stop a few times on the side of the freeway and just hold her so she would calm down. They were both troopers though and we enjoyed the family time! I wish I was better at taking pictures but here are a few from our trip!

On our way! Sadie is watching a show on the DVD player, which saved our lives on the trip!

Sweet Hannah, you can see how full the back of our van was

These sisters love each other! They are seriously connected at the hip. They can't stand to be away from each other for very long. I hope they stay good friends for a long time!

Lounging in the Hotel. We stopped every night around dinner time to get a hotel. Every day with out fail Hannah would lose it about 15-20 mins before we were to reach our destination. We always felt very happy to see the Hotel!! 

We stopped at this Pony express station somewhere in Nebraska. It was at a nice park so we got out and played ate some lunch and took a much needed break!

This is the swings at that same park. The girls could have stayed there all day!

We stopped in St. Louis to visit Eric's Aunt and Uncle. They had a really fun house with an amazing yard! Sadie was so happy there! She wanted to be outside all day, chasing the dog and cat during the day, or trying to catch lightning bugs at night. So much fun. We are definitely stopping there on our way home!

Uncle Ric took us for a fun tractor ride all around his 4 acre yard. The girls never wanted to stop

We went to the St Louis zoo while we were there. It is a great zoo and is totally free! The only problem is we went on a day that was 94 degrees with 80 % humidity! We were literally melting, as you can see in the photo. Sadie's face says it all!

This fountain was amazingly ice cold, so the girls couldn't resist putting their feet in! They probably would have jumped in if we would have let them

Kalamazoo Michigan
This was our last stop on our journey. The girls found the ice bucket and thought it made a pretty good hat. Hopefully they clean those out really good between use, somehow I doubt it! Oh well that's what the liners are for, right?

Sadie sporting the bucket hat

Our little place. We had to get furniture after we got here. This is how we improvised until then! We furnished our house from craigslist for about $100! 

Ford's Royal Headquarters. It is amazing living in the middle of the Ford Headquarters! Everyone in Dearborn drives a Ford, and there are Ford buildings everywhere! Multiple roads and buildings are named after Henry Ford. There is so much amazing history here!


grandmajojo said...

This is such a great adventure and I am so glad you are having it. I am also glad it is just for the summer. I miss you guys. Thanks for sharing everything. We want more.

Hall Family said...

Fun times!

Brett said...

Hey there! I'm glad you're blogging :-). It was fun to see pics from your trip. Sorry about the humidity in St. Louis. Now you know why we are loving this "hot" Utah summer!

Shantell said...

Hi! Just found your blog via facebook. Hope you don't mind me popping in :) What a fun adventure you guys are having! Your girls are so adorable and I love that they are so close. That is so precious.